Here's everything you need to know before applying

Indie Emporium curated art + craft event, highlighting the modern makers and designers and celebrating the handmade movement.  Everything you find at Indie Emporium is handmade or designed by the vendors at our show.  We You can meet the makers and interact with them while you shop.  You’ll find work ranging from art prints, stationery, jewelry, clothing, t-shirts, housewears, soaps, candles, artwork, pottery, and some carefully curated vintage and repurposed goods. Indie Emporium 2016 is our TENTH annual show and will showcase 60 curated vendors.  Indie Emporium will take place on Friday, November 25th and Saturday 26th which happens to be Small Business Saturday, giving shoppers a great alternative to the chaos of big box store shopping on this traditional gift shopping weekend!  Tulsa has a great community of folks that love to support local and they show up in force to celebrate the DIY spirit at Indie Emporium.  This year’s Indie Emporium will be happening at the Bond Event Center, a gorgeous new event space in the East Village of Downtown Tulsa.

As always, the first 50 guests on Friday night will get a swag bag filled with goods from our vendors and other handmade businesses.  Guests usually start lining up hours in advance to get one of the highly coveted bags.  In addition to the amazing vendors, Indie Emporium has a variety of make&take projects providing a chance to learn and create things yourself and an art gallery of crowd-sourced Instagram photos, proving that you can find art in the everyday!  We will also have some artisanal food makers this year and like always, there is a magical array of handmade décor.  We transform our venue into a DIY wonderland and a fun party atmosphere with music and giveaways throughout the weekend.

To give back to the community that has supporting us for TEN years, we will, as always, be hosting a canned food drive benefiting the Community Food Bank of Eastern Oklahoma.  Bring a can of food for the food bank and get discounted admission.

The show this year is two days, starting on Black Friday and going into Small Business Saturday (November 25th & 26th). We’re going to transform Tulsa’s new Bond Event Center into a DIY wonderland with a fun party atmosphere featuring live music and giveaways throughout the weekend. We’re busy planning and will have more details in the coming months.

When are applications open? Where can I find the application?

Vendor applications are open August 3rd through September 15th.  Applications are online only.

What is the application / acceptance process?

Fill out your application online and submit your $15 application fee.  At the end of the application period, our committee of Indie Emporium worker bees will gather to study and consider each and every application. Our committee members, score each application from 1-10, we tally up every single application’s scores and the applicants the highest rated applications are accepted as vendors, designers and/or artists.  The next highest scores are put on the waiting list and notified in case of any cancellations.  It’s SO hard to turn down anyone from the show, and we’ve come up with what feels like the fairest way to approach it.  Our committee is made up of 8 members, from different backgrounds, with different tastes, and with various strengths and skills, which we feel is a good way to curate an interesting and special mix of vendors.  Once we vote on vendors, we send out emails letting applicants know if they are in the show or on the waiting list or if they have not been accepted.  These emails will be sent out by September 30th.  If you are accepted, we’ll send you an invoice, you’ll send payment, and you’ll show up on November 25th for an awesome show. We’ll also get some photos of your products and give you an opportunity to be promoted on our site, our social media, possibly TV and any other way we can.

Why do I have to pay an application fee? Is it refundable?

An application or jurying fee is standard for indie craft shows and you’ll find that our $15 fee is lower than many shows.  The application fee is not refundable.

In order to provide an awesome experience and let our committee and volunteers know how much we appreciate them, we have a jurying fee of $15.  This goes to cover the cost of the events planned to jury and prep for the show so you have an awesome experience as a vendor and to pay for application processing fees and throwing a party for our sweet volunteers after the show. Booth and table fees help us cover the cost of the venue, decorations, promotions and everything else that goes into planning Indie.

When do I find out if I have been accepted?

We’ll let you know on or before September 30th.

How much are booth and table fees?

  • Full size booths (8’x8′) are $195
  • 6′ Table Spaces are $145

Do you have any advice for applicants?

Good photos are a must.  Follow the instructions and make sure to include links to your website.  There are two main things we look for when selecting vendors, creative/original work  and excellent craftsmanship.  Having both of those things is really a plus.  We like things that are branded well, but we’re also really encouraging and excited about new businesses that might not have every little detail figured out.  Sometimes really exciting and beautiful work is found at the hands of an inexperienced business person and we love to take chances on new business, so whether you’re a brand new business, or a professional DIYer, we welcome you to apply.  We’ve had vendors that make their entire living with their handmade business, designers that have turned a hobby into a small business, and folks that are just passionate about their hobby craft and want to try a show, and we adore them all.  Some of our artists live and work in our neighborhoods and some travel to Indie Emporium from across the country.

Will I be a good fit for Indie Emporium?

It depends on what you make and what you expect from a craft show.  If you’re selling the newest trend in multi-level marketing/direct sales, then our show is not for you.  We do not accept resellers.  If you make your own wares and have a great eye for displaying them and a smile on your face, you might be a perfect fit.  You can always take a peek at photos from the show if you want to get an idea of what it is like!

Can I share a booth with another business?

Of course!  Both businesses need to submit applications and note on their application that they intend to share, and who they would like to share with.

I’m accepted, what now?

Get to work making stuff! Packaging it! Making some signs!  Promoting the show through your social networks and letting folks know you’ll be there!  We’ll send an email with all of the details.

What does my booth fee cover?

Your booth fee covers your space, loads of publicity, and camaraderie We make up treat bags for all of our vendors to show them how much we like them.  And we’ll do our best to check on you often and see if you need a snack or bottle of water during the show.  We’ll send a volunteer to man/woman your booth if you need a break.  We’ll entertain you with music and do our best to include you in our social media promotions.  You’ll get a fancy vendor sign with your name and a vendor button to wear proudly.  You’ll get invited to vendor breakfast/brunch on Sunday morning as we wrap up the weekend together.  You might get hugs from us or from your booth neighbors who end up being new friends.  And of course, you get to sell your work to people who travelled down the street, or from another state for our special show.

I have applied before and did not get in. Should I try again?

Absolutely!  We encourage anyone to apply.  Just because you were not accepted one year, does not mean that you shouldn’t try again.  We love seeing the growth and fresh products.  If you haven’t been accepted to the show in the past, we recommend attending our “applying to indie craft shows” class to learn what you can do to make your application more likely to show off how great your work is.

How big is my booth? What is it like?

Full size booths are 8’x8′ and table spaces have enough room for a 6′ table and space for you to stand and work behind the table.  We will send more details and a vendor map as the layout is finalized.

Will I have electricity?

We cannot guarantee electricity to any vendor, but if you email us and let us know that you’ll need it, we will do our very best to accommodate and put your booth in a space where you will have access to an outlet.

Does my booth/table space include a table, chairs, and linens?

You can rent tables through us for $15 each, or you are welcome to bring your own.  All table coverings and displays are the responsibility of vendors.  This makes our little handmade world colorful.

How do I pay my vendor fees?

We’ll send you an invoice with payment options like PayPal or a credit card payment. You can also pay in person at made:The Indie Emporium Shop, or by check mailed to us at:  Indie Emporium, 8086 South Yale #277, Tulsa, Oklahoma, 74136.

When are vendor payments due?

Vendor payments will be due by October 14th.

Do I have to have a tax permit to participate as a vendor?

Our vendors are not required to have a sales tax permit to set up at the show, but if you are selling your goods in the state of Oklahoma, we’d encourage you to get one.  Paying taxes makes great things happen in our city and state.  We will give each vendor at the show a sales tax report form which you can either return to us at the end of the show with your sales tax payment and we will remit it to the state, OR you can mail it directly to the state with your payment.  We send the Oklahoma Tax Commission a list of all of our vendors.

We provide an awesome event for your to showcase your wares, but it’s up to you to be legit. Everyone who sets up at the show is responsible keeping track of sales numbers and for paying his/her taxes to Oklahoma and Uncle Sam.

What if I have to cancel?

For vendors that give us notice of cancellation prior to October 31st, we will issue a 50% refund.  After November 1st, we cannot guarantee the ability of anyone to fill your spot, but we’ll still have all of the costs involved in the show and won’t be able to offer a refund.  Pretty simple right?